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Preventing and Solving Paper Feed Issues

The best way to prevent paper feed issues is to first make sure you are using paper designed to work with your printer. While our paper coatings make them compatible with all inkjet printers, different manufacturers have different tolerances for the thickness that work with a particular model. The accepted paper tolerances for your printer can generally be found on the manufacturer’s website for your model, under specifications. It can also be found in the user manual for your model.

If you are using a product within tolerances for your printer and you have a feed issue characterized by a grinding noise, it means your printer is not set properly for thick paper, or there are too many sheets loaded, or you are using the wrong paper feed for your printer and the paper type you are using. Most papers can be loaded several sheets at once, however thicker paper and fine art papers should be loaded one sheet at a time. Fine art papers also must sometimes be loaded through a straight paper pass, and if this is the case for your printer you can find out by looking at the information in your manual related to media (paper) handling.

What Side Do I Print On?

We have both single sided and double sided products. All products can be assumed to be single sided unless the product purchased specifically says Double Sided or DS. Double sided products can be printed on either side. The printable side of single sided products will be face up in your paper box. If you wish to be sure you are printing to the correct side, moisten your finger tip and touch the surface of the paper. You will be able to feel a little tackiness on the side coated for printing and all sheets in a package face the same way.

Why Is My Color Off?

If your color doesn’t seem correct, the first thing you should do is make sure you are using the recommended settings for your paper type and printer. If correct, run a nozzle check to make sure all colors are coming out properly. A clogged nozzle means the ratio of a particular clogged color will be off.

Are you using a monitor/display that is calibrated with a hardware device? If you are not calibrating your display, you have no way of knowing that the information on it is being shown color correct as it should print. Display’s color will drift over time and the older your display is, the more frequently you should calibrate. A hardware colorimeter is the only way to know what you are seeing is actually accurate on screen to begin with. Hardware calibration today is easy and only takes a few minutes to perform. Devices are available from $100 for both Windows and OS X. Popular brands include Spyder and ColorMunki.

What Print Settings Do I Use?

We have detailed this information here.

Where Can I Get A Custom Print Profile?

You should get fantastic results using our suggested settings (linked above). If you want something created for your specific printer, we are providing information on companies who provide this service. We are not affiliated with these companies but are happy to help you with the information.


Great Printer Profiles
RP Imaging Profiles

I See Lines In My Prints

Lines in prints have nothing to do with paper. They are caused by having clogged nozzles in your printer. Check your manual for information on running a nozzle check. You can perform a nozzle check on any type of paper including plain paper, so don’t waste the good stuff doing this. A nozzle check should be your first step in ruling out print issues in general.

I’m Unhappy What Should I do?

We want success for everyone, so if you’ve checked our troubleshooting info here and are still unhappy, you can either get in touch for some personal help or return the product you’re unhappy with. If you purchased the product through Amazon and it was fulfilled and shipped by them, then please contact Amazon directly for your return as they handle returns on items they fulfill. Returns just take a couple clicks, just log into your Amazon account and locate the order with the item you’re unhappy with and click the info related to “Problem with order”. If you can’t find this, scroll to the bottom of any page and choose help. When the help dialog comes up you’ll see a choice for “Returns&Refunds”, and clicking this will walk you through the easy process. We are not given info by Amazon on why items are being returned, so if you experience a quality issue, please let us also know you had a return for a quality issue so we can make sure there are no issues that will affect others.

About Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with a paper product from Pacific Inkjet, please return the product for a full product refund. We can’t reimburse shipping charges, but we do not charge a restocking fee. Open box products will be credited in full for all unused product received back in new condition. Information for returning products is above and don’t forget if you’re not happy, but think it may be a setting or other item we can help with, you should get in touch with us. We know happy customers come back and your feedback helps us make sure we are doing all we can for our customers.