5x7 Premium Matte Double Sided Matte Inkjet Photo Paper - 100 Sheets

5x7 Premium Matte Finish Double Sided Photo Paper – 100 Sheets

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  • CREATES HIGH-DETAIL PRINTS: Enjoy high quality color and contrast reproductions every time you use our matte photo paper. It has a bright white base material, making it perfect for high quality invitations, cards, images and photography that look amazing.
  • PERFECT FOR PHOTO AND ART PROJECTS: Whether you are a professional photographer, artist, or hobbyist, this matte finish presentation paper is made just for you. Print on either or both sides. It is just what you need for any art/photo project, and can be written on or embellished with paint, pencil, or marker.
  • INSTANT DRY, FINGERPRINT & SCRATCH RESISTANT: The instant dry surface of this two-sided inkjet photo paper guarantees smudge-free photographs every time. It is also naturally fingerprint resistant and scratch resistant too. This is just what you need for your art projects.
  • WORKS WITH ALL INKJET PRINTERS: We made this 8.5” x 11” matte photo paper for use with all inkjet printers capable of utilizing 8.5 mil paper. It therefore works on your Epson, HP, Canon, or other inkjet printer to produce prints that you will fall in love with.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are completely confident about the quality of our double sided premium inkjet matte printing paper and are certain you will be completely satisfied. NOTE: This product is like index paper and has no gloss. Give your photos and art a facelift. Click ‘Add to Cart’ today!


Made for Every Art & Photography Project

Are you a professional photographer in search of a high quality two-sided matte printing paper for printing your photos?

Or maybe you are an artist looking for fingerprint and scratch resistant paper for your next drawing or sketch?

Whatever your needs, Pacific Inkjet premium matte finish double-sided photo paper is just what you need. It produces premium quality photos with amazing detail and highlights, and the fact that it is fast drying means you’ll never have to deal with smudged photos again.

Quality You Will Love

We are dedicated to giving you nothing but the best when it comes to printing paper, and this quality printer paper is just perfect. It is ideal for all uses on any inkjet printer, and will therefore work with Epson, HP, Cannon, and any other printer capable of using 8.5 mil paper. It is also fingerprint and scratch resistant, making it ideal for fine art projects.

Here are reasons this is the best matte inkjet printing paper:

  • Can be used on any inkjet printer
  • Produces highly saturated images on both sides
  • Fingerprint, smudge, and scratch resistant
  • Dries instantly


Count on Pacific Inkjet for the highest quality matte finish double-sided inkjet paper. It is just what you need for your next photo printing or drawing project. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get your batch of 100 sheets today!

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