11x14" Pacific Inkjet - 100 Sheets Professional Luster Inkjet Photo Paper 11mil 268gsm

  • $89.00
  • Save $16.99

  • Premium Product Designed for Professional or Personal Use
  • Works with all Canon and Epson Inkjet Printers Capable of Utilizing 268gsm Paper
  • Bright White Base Material Capable of Extreme Dynamic Range, Contrast and Color
  • Professional Feel and Thickness will Satisfy the Most Demanding Clients
  • Fingerprint and Scratch Resistant with Enhanced Micro-Pore Resin Coating

This Premium Professional Luster Printing Paper should be your only choice when thinking of what to use for your valued clients and family. At 268gsm it's a bit thicker than products offered by most professional labs, so make sure your printer is capable of handling paper in the 268gsm range. Most desktop printers can, but some all-in-ones aren't meant for professional paper use. 
The Luster surface is the most popular surface type among professionals. Characterized by a semi-gloss lightly textured surface, luster will allow you to see all the beautiful details and colors captured in your photographs and artwork. It benefits from being more scratch and fingerprint resistant than non-textured surfaces. If you've ever ordered school portraits or purchased prints from a photographer, then you're likely already familiar with luster's type "E" surface. Now you can have professional portrait quality in your studio, office or home.

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