Printing At The Park For Mother's Day

We wanted to show how easy our paper is to use by taking pictures and printing them on the spot, on location at a park. Using an inexpensive all-in-one printer, our 5x7 inkjet paper, and standard print settings we were able to photograph and print almost 50 photos in under a couple hours including photography time. 

Doing your own prints is fun, easy and instantly gratifying as you watch your prints come out. In the video below we used an Epson Workforce Pro 4730 set to Premium Photo Glossy and the High Quality Setting. Prints came out in under a minute and were mounted using pre-cut mount boards. Super economical and easy and there are a lot of new Pacific Inkjet Paper fans out there! 

If you're a commercial photographer, think of bringing a small and light all-in-one or other printer to your next event and printing each guest a momento picture from the event with your contact information and image sales URL. Trust me people will be amazed that you have images printed from an event at that same event.

Happy Printing! :)

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