Pacific Inkjet Producers of Professional Inkjet Media and Photo Paper

Pacific Inkjet was founded to provide photographers, artists and imaging professionals a range of inkjet media and photo papers that are best in class, easy to use, and available in convenient sizes for imaging professionals. We stock our products at our headquarters and warehouses throughout the United States so that we have the products you need when you need them. 

Success From The Start

We provide a handy “Print Success” guide with each order that gives you all the information you need regarding print settings, troubleshooting, support contact and FAQs so you can get right to printing when your order arrives. Speaking of orders, all in-stock orders are fulfilled within 1-business day with most orders shipping the same day they are received (M-F).




Premium Quality For Professional Use

Most of our base materials are made by mills in Germany and the United States from the best materials available. Except for specialty products, final manufacturing happens in the United States. We do NOT cut corners in coatings, materials or workmanship and our products outperform lesser photo papers and give consistent results you can count on. Our InkLock™ coatings can hold extreme resolutions, deep blacks, great contrast, fingerprint resistant, scratch resistant and water resistant.



You will love Pacific Inkjet's products, we guarantee it!

You Will Love Our Products, We Guarantee It!

We want you to love the products you use, because happy customers come back! If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return your purchase for a full refund of items returned. Just let us know the issue and we can either help or give you a return authorization. Easy!




Jennifer Lopez backstage with Bryan Linden as he gives her some of his photos of her.
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About Our Founder

Pacific Inkjet was founded by Bryan Linden, a professional photographer who began his journey with digital imaging in 1995 and inkjet printing in 1996. He has a background in commercial offset printing, marketing, color management, digital consulting, product development and design. 

His images have been featured on magazine covers, billboard campaigns, Apple Computer product launches just to name a few. He’s consulted to some of today’s leading companies including Apple, FujiFilm, GretagMacbeth, Munsell Color, and others. He’s given lectures at Apple Stores, Photoshop World, Imaging USA, and others. Bryan’s articles mostly related to inkjet printing were published in Professional Photographer Magazine and PEI – Personal Electronic Imaging. He’s been the subject of many published bio articles including being featured on and Peterson’s Photographic Magazine.

For many years, Bryan photographed in the music industry and was hired for his digital workflow knowledge and ability to coordinate photographers for large live concert events and deliver images for media and client social media during the event. He pioneered using inkjet printers backstage at these events and delivering music artists gorgeous photos moments after they were taken.

Bryan is a master at using an inkjet printer for marketing at events. He has printed on the spot at concerts, sporting events, weddings, tradeshows, beauty contests and more. In the future, he hopes to put together this information and make it available to professionals in the industry.

Recently, Bryan was Director of Sales/Marketing/Product Development for an inkjet paper company. He was there for 7 years and built the infrastructure that the company is based on, developed all products, handled marketing and sales, supported all products, built and managed the web presence. Bryan is proud of the company he was instrumental in building and wishes them the best. Now with Pacific Inkjet, Bryan has more freedom to take things to the next level and that’s just where we’re headed.

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